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How to style brown hair with blonde highlights

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How to style brown hair with blonde highlights

brown hair with blonde highlights

Women today like to get the hair styled with the highlights. These highlights are very attractive. There are many colors available in the highlights which can be applied on the brow hair; the blonde highlights are the best. These brown hair with blonde highlights come in different shades which give a new style every time.

Today the hair stylists all across the world like to give the hair different textures and styles by adding not only one type of highlight but a mixture of highlights. This gives more shine and attractive looks to the brown hair. If you search the web, you will find a lot of styles and haircuts which involve the highlights. These highlights suit better with the brown hair than any other. Here are a few hairstyles for women which involve blonde highlights with different shades for brown hair.

Caramel with brown hair with blonde highlights

The caramel highlights are ideal for styling the hair. Together with the blonde highlights on the brown hair these highlights give the brown hair two-toned shade. The highlights add more dimension to the long brown hair.

Peek a boo highlights

If you have dark brown hair, then the hairstyle and overall look of the hair can be made even beautiful with golden and blonde highlights. The mixture of the golden and blonde highlights on the dark brown hair, give a layered look. It is a stunning display of the highlights on the dark brown hair.

From dark to light brown hair

If you have dark brown hair, and you want to give a look to it as if the hair went from dark to brown and then a little shinier, then adding the light brown highlights with the blonde highlights will do the job. It will give your brown hair a cool texture. Lighten up the brown hair with the blonde streaks.

Ash brown with honey blonde highlights

Give your brown hair a piece of ash and honey. With these two highlights, the ash brown highlights combined with the honey blonde highlights you will give your hair a mixture of colors. The caramel color blends with the brown easily and thus gives you a gorgeous look.

Throw back highlights

If you have brown medium toned hair, and you got the throwback style, then add to the hair blonde highlights. It will give more style to the throw back style.

All these styles involve blonde highlights. There are numerous ways in which you can use the blonde highlights on your hair. It is always advised to consult a stylist for the better choice. For a different type of hair style, there are different shades of highlights. Adding highlights the personality. Today most of the women like to style their hair with the highlights. If you have brown hair, then there is no better choice as compared to the blonde highlights. The blonde highlights come in various shades; you just need to know the hair cut you have, and then apply the brown hair with blonde highlights accordingly.

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