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How to Give Little Boys Haircuts at Home

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May 7, 2016

How to Give Little Boys Haircuts at Home

Little Boys Haircuts

A nice haircut can change the whole personality of the person. Recently a photographer gave a free haircut to homeless people and took their pictures before and after the haircut. The results were astonishing. A simple cutting of hair transformed them from homeless people to some sort of corporate professionals, at least in pictures. The question is why people avoid the haircut. Are they too lazy to visit the barber for several months?  It is not about laziness. It is about the cost of the haircut. In developing country you can get the haircut for your whole family in few bucks but in the developed country, even a haircut of a baby can cost you more than a hundred bucks. Due to which, it is better to learn how to give the haircut to at least young boys. It is easy to give the haircut to men as compared to women, and it is easier to cut the hair of little boys if the just remain calm through the whole process. Here are some tips to give little boys haircuts professionally.


Know the Styles

First of all, you should know few styles of baby haircuts. It is easy to learn styles for little boys haircuts because there are very limited hairstyles for them.  You can get the idea about different hairstyles from different online blogs, forums, and websites but the best hairstyle for little boys is the soldier hairstyle. It works fine because little boys don’t bother much about their style and you will not need to cut their hair for at least couple of months.  If you have three or four kids then it will be difficult to cut their hair every month, therefore, it is better to give short haircuts. Moreover, it is easy to give soldier cutting and here you will find the easiest way to give soldier cut to your little boys.

Get the Gears

You can give a haircut rather easily if you have right tools. Most people think that you can cut hair from any pair of scissors, which is technically true but professionally no so true. Barbers has special numbers of scissors to cut long, short, straight, and curly hair.  Since most little boys have short hairs, therefore, a small scissor with reasonable sharp edges will work fines. Select the scissors according to the hair of the boys not according to your fingers. You can grab the scissors with the tips of your fingers.  You can use your middle and index figure to grab a hairline to level it but it is better to use a comb. There are two segments of every comb. Try to use the side with closely attached teeth because this part of the comb keeps the hair straight. You will need a water spray bottle to numb the hair. It is easy to cut numb hair especially when you are cutting curly hair. A piece of cloth will also be needed to prevent the hair from entering the dress of boy. Now a day barbers are using the parachute material to cover the body of their subjects. This material is waterproof and hair don’t stick on it, therefore, it works best for barbers and hairstylists. So, you need only three things: a pair of sharp scissors, a comb, water spray bottle, and a piece of cloth.

Set the Arm

You arm should remain stable while cutting the hair because any sharp movement can hurt the boy. The age and nature of the boy decide how you like to set things. If the boy is less than a year then it is better to cut his hair in the lap of his mother or father because in this way he will feel safer. If the boy is old enough to sit calmly then a small chair will work fine. You can place the chair on a table so that you can easily cut his hair but make sure table should be strong enough to bear the weight of boy.  It is important for you to stand straight while cutting the hair. Bending will tire you and you will haste things. It is recommended to keep antiseptic and bandage to tackle any emergency situation. The next step is to start cutting the hair but make sure to wash scissors with the antiseptic material.

Get Things Goings

This is the time when the real fun begins.  The most difficult part is the start because lots of people don’t realize where to start and they make blunders. It is recommended to start from the bottom of the side hair. Take a hairline and level the hair. After that move upward slowly and keep level the hair but don’t take the hair of the upper head. Follow the same procedure on the left side. After that, level the back hair. Now make the border with the help of the front portion of the scissors. It means slightly open the scissors and make the boundary by keeping the scissor closer to the skin. This is a tricky part because there is a chance you can cut the skin of the baby. It is better to keep the hand lightly. At first, you will hesitate but make borders with confidence. If you are not sure about scissor then take a razor and make boundaries. Modern razors are much safer than the scissors. At the end level the hair on the top if necessary.  The last step is the tuning. Look for any out of order portion and use scissors to balance them.

So, it is not a big deal to give little boys haircuts like a pro. Initially, you will make some mistakes but don’t worry little boys looks cute even with slightly mismatched haircuts. After two to three haircuts you will observe the improvement as practice makes a man perfect. You can save some serious amount of yours and your friends’ money by learning to keep haircut to little kids.

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