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Hottest Celebrities Black male haircuts

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Hottest Celebrities Black male haircuts

Black Male Haircuts

Black male haircuts or hairstyles are some of the coolest, outlandish, and fascinating and dare I say weird styles that a person might have. From the afro to the braids, they surely know a thing or two about standing out in a crowd and carving out a unique image for themselves.

Due to the chemical structure of their hair, they can try out some different black male haircuts, some of which would be impossible for a non-black person to try out. Due to this specific property, black men have developed many unique hairstyles over the years. It is interesting to note that black hairstyles have historically been linked to African cultures, although it’s hard to imagine that some the more recent, crazier hairstyles have originated from African cultures!

Celebrities who have worn trend-setting haircuts

Now let us take a little walk down memory lane and re-visit some of the most notable personalities and the hairstyles they rocked during various time periods in the last century or so. All these men had a significant influence on the popularity of a particular hairstyle amongst the black males of the time.

  • Frederick Douglass:

    He was a very well-known editor and diplomat of his
    era and was nicknamed ‘The Lion of Anacostia’. He certainly had hair like a lion’s mane. He was the most-photographed African-American in the 19th century. His hairstyle caught so much attention that ‘The Frederick Douglass’ is the name of a hairstyle! The Frederick Douglass features hair with volume and a side part.

Black Male Haircuts


  • Michael Jackson:

    Who doesn’t know the great MJ? He was and still is the biggest music, dance, style icon in the world. Michael Jackson’s hairstyles were just as popular and catchy as was his singing and dancing styles.

His hairstyles changed with time, starting from an afro as a kid, and then there was a huge crown afro. Somewhere in the 80’s, he wore ‘Jheri Curl’ in which you straighten your hair with a chemical called relaxer and then spray it with an activator, which gives your hair a sleek look and brings curls to live.

When ‘Thriller came out, he was seen with longer Jheri Curls with a part, and he grew a few strands till one of his eyes, which became a trademark. One thing MJ did a lot to stand out was that he wet his curls which made his curls look loose and very chic. By 1987, the curls got much longer, long enough for him to toss it around while dancing.

In the 90’s, MJ not only came back with a different skin (due to some skin disease) but also wore a ‘wave nouveau’; that had more waves than curls. He was always seen experimenting with the wave nouveau. This was around the time ‘Dangerous’ was released. The King of Pop surely knew how to carry the strangest hairstyles in a way that they looked classy.


  • Prince (Purple Rain hair-style):

    Prince was another extremely famous pop icon in the industry. In 1984, he was seen wearing an iconic hairstyle in his purple rain song. The hair had lots and lots of gelled curls, heavier on one side, with no frizz.

Some of the top hottest haircuts

  • Fade Haircut: This is among the hottest black male haircuts. It has hair on the sides and back of the head getting tapered in length (shorter) as you go down, until there is no hair, seeming like its fading away. The hair can start at the top with any length you want. Fade haircuts can be altered into many other different hairstyles.
  • Faded Twists: Fade haircut can be styled into twists, so instead of dull hair, you have twists fading all over the head.
  • Parted-Box Fade: Hair on top is picked up straight, and the sides are combed close to the scalp, making the hair look like a box. The fades run along as well.
  • Afro: A huge mass of very tight curls spread all over the head, almost like a huge black cloud on top!
  • Tapered Afro: There is an afro on top, which is tapered on the sides and back as you go down.
  • The Small Afro: Best for people who have tight curls but want short hair. It is an afro; only it is close cropped.
  • Buzz cut: The hair is cut extremely short with a razor, almost bald. Men can have different cool burns on the head.
  • Afro Hawk: This haircut is somewhere between an afro and a Mohawk. The hair is brushed towards the crown of the head.
  • Mohawk: The head is shaved on the sides, leaving a strip of long hair in the middle of the head.
  • Mohawk fade: Mohawk with fades on the sides instead of clean shave.
  • Diagonal Fade: Fades start at the hairline of the forehead, in a diagonal manner.
  • Fauxhawk: This is a dual length haircut. The hair in the middle is longer than hair on the sides. It is a Mohawk with proper hair on the sides.
  • Faux hawk with side fade: Fauxhawk with a side fade.
  • Fade with diagonal burns on top: Burns are created on the upper part of the fade.
  • Wave fade: A wavy line burn on the side of the head to make the fade look wavy.

There is great diversity in black male haircuts. Black people have the most different hair texture in the world: kinky, curly and wild. Their hair can be shape-shifted like no one else’s. The quality of their hair has a lot to do with their ancestry and climate they were born in. Thickness and coarseness of their hair are due to the harshness of the environment they are born in (or their ancestors were born in). Their hair also grows at a slower rate than that of other races.

Due to the tough nature of black people hair, it can cut into many different styles. Undoubtedly, black celebrities have raised the bar for other celebrities owing to the texture of their hair and the way they carry different and unique hairstyles.

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