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Blonde highlights on dark brown hair: look of 2016

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May 18, 2016
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Blonde highlights on dark brown hair: look of 2016

Blonde highlights on dark brown hair

Dark brown hair with the caramel highlights or lowlights is the best choice for women. The palette of brown hues is very full, and colors range from beige to rich and creamy shades to tangerine as well as dark brown. Almost every women love to have a blonde touch because it gives an elegant and vibrant look to your personality. Blonde highlights on dark brown hair give a soft look and provides a best and sophisticated hair color. The demand of this color combination is high in salons, and many celebrities have this-this flattering combination.

Importance of blonde highlights on dark brown hair

The blonde highlights suit every type of face cut, hair type, and any length. They can be used in the brunette shade as well. The color of highlights will surely enhance your look, and won’t affect your skin tone, and you will appear just so beautiful. It is true that almost every celebrity is having this look and seem fresh and win the hearts of their fans.

Blonde highlights on dark brown hair Inspiration

In the last some seasons the blonde highlights on dark brown hair are being the ultra-flattering and matches almost every skin tone. Here are few ideas which you can use to caramelize or blonde your hair strands.

  • You can use the blonde look in combination with dark or blonde brown when you have caramel shade on your hair.
  • Highlights, if done to the dark brown hair, will add an enhanced feel and will your beautiful looks
  • Blonde highlights if added to the brownish hair will surely look awesome and provide eye-popping
  • If you have hazel or bluish eye color, then blonde highlights will look fantastic.
  • If you want to apply a dyeing experiment to your hair, then caramel or blonde strands will enliven on your hair brown color.

Caramel with blonde

If you already have a blonde hair color then to contrast with your lighter skin tone just add caramel highlights and wear the best styles or hairdos. The highlights will add dimension to your look, and your appearance will be more vibrant than ever.

Subtle fade color for brown hair

If the base color of your hair is brown, then add low lights of golden blonde, brown color. It is the best hue shades for your hair. If the base color of your hair is dark in the shade, then you must apply two tones lighter for low lights. They will be more prominent.

Peek a boo highlights

Blonde highlights on the dark brown hair look beautiful if contrasted with the golden blonde highlights. From top to bottom of your hair, just add as much blonde as you can but do remember to be minimal with the color. You will surely stand out in the crowd.

Dark to light brown shade

You can only light up your look by adding blonde highlights to your dark brown hair color. It’s your choice whether you want highlights or streaks. Go to the salon for highlights because professionals know better.


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