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Black men haircuts for 2017- A man’s guide to grooming

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May 11, 2016
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Black men haircuts for 2017- A man’s guide to grooming

Are you looking for the best black men haircuts for 2017 ? Look no further:

2017 is a year for experimenting new haircuts. People are embracing the latest fashion trends prevailing no matter its afro or Mohawk, tampered or waves; everything is in.  Like women, hairstyling has become a passion for men as well. Hair trends amongst black men have also seen the plethora of transformation over the years. The king of pop Michael Jackson espoused hairstyle that no one can beat. His afro hairstyle as a kid to Jheri curls in the 90’s made him a style icon. Due to the texture of his hair, it was difficult for non-black persons to imitate his hairstyles.

Black men haircuts are unique and outlandish. They can create a style statement if hairs are styled properly. A black man not taking care of his grooming and hairstyle may signify that he might not take pride in how he looks. A properly groomed hairstyle shows that you love yourself, and you take extra time out to make you look and feel desirable. We can see black men are carrying unique and extremely ingenious hairstyles that others can’t copy because black men have a different textured hair. The hairstyles are varied in nature, and stylist can bring a lot of creativity in haircuts like waves, fades, buzz, tempered and Mohawk haircuts.

Taking care of your hair locks

If you want to make a bold personal statement, then nourish your hair properly, so you don’t have to combat with hair styling. In Hollywood movies, African Americans tend to have very trendy hairstyles that make them stand out from the crowd. The hair is present in all textures from short, curly, straight and long to tapered, Mohawk and Afro. Hair is fine and dark, and some black men also have a unique curled texture in their hair that makes them prominent in the masses.  Some black men are conscious about the hair on the top of their head, so they go for faded twists or a buzz look in which the hair are cut short with a razor.

Grooming black men hair’s in winters

Weather also plays its role in styling hair. Fall and winter are amongst the best times of the year where you can carry most of the trends of fashion. But the climate change affects the hair and tends to make them brittle, dry and frizzy. Many black men are worried about their hair because the drop in temperature affects the hair composition and making them dry and fragile.

Winters hair regime is not difficult to manage. Grab the stuff that toss around your kitchen and cabinets and follows few handy tips to take care of your hair locks in winter:

  • Apple cider vinegar

After shampoo, wash your hair with diluted apple cider vinegar. This handy product that you can grab from the kitchen helps you to get rid of excess residue left on your hair while using styling products. It also adds luster to your hair making them look healthier and nourished.

  • Coconut oil

To avoid flakes and dry scalp in winters, apply coconut oil on a frequent basis as it tends to provide nourishment directly to the scalp.

  • Leave in conditioner

Leave in conditioner like Oyin handmade nourishing herbal leave-in conditioner can nourish and moisturize your hair effectively. It also detangles the curls and knots in hair. PH balance is critical, and this is what this product does i.e. balancing the PH of your hair in winters.

Some men believe that hair grooming is an expensive and tedious job as it can take a lot of time to style hair. It can be bothersome for few people to use styling gels and serums. Contrary to this belief, grooming hair is not difficult nor does it cost thousands of dollars. The effective hair care regime is reasonably priced and delivers optimum results if the right products are used to save hair from the climatic variations. Even there are plenty of products that you can find in the kitchen to include in your haircare regime. Taking care of your hair is really important as if proper care and protective treatment are not taken then it can halt the growth of hair.  Black men usually find it difficult to carry desired hairstyling. But there are a lot of Hollywood stars who carries the most outlandish and unique black men haircuts.

Choose a hairstyle that can rock the world

Choose a hairstyle that shows your exuberance of being a black man. Black men have textured hair that becomes tough to manage if grown long. In such scenario, it is better off to choose a short haircut. You can also make a bold statement with shaving your head or cutting the hair with clippers and gradually giving a fading effect to the hair. People who are fond of ethnic looks tend to incline towards afro looks; dreads and braids are also in the fashion, and some of the most legendary African Americans have seen rocking these hairstyles like a pro.

Choosing a haircut according to your face is also important. A braid might not look good on a round African face whereas it looks chic, elegant and cool on oval or long face men.  Look for your stylist recommendations while going for hair cutting. The stylist would guide you the best hairstyle that would look nice and suit your face, looks and more importantly your hair texture. Black men hairstyles are unique and one of a kind. A non-black person would find in difficult to get a texture that black men are naturally blessed with i.e. kinky and wild hair.

The texture of hair makes some people inclined towards the low maintenance hairstyles. Braids are something that can give you a chic and promising look. It is easy to upkeep and maintain. Always look for a hairstyle that compliments your personality. Take an appointment with your stylist and ask for his advice.

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