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Best Tips For Caring Braids Hairstyles 2017 And Choppy Hairstyles for Brunettes

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Best Tips For Caring Braids Hairstyles 2017 And Choppy Hairstyles for Brunettes

Braid hairstyles for women 2017

Some so many people like to have their hair in braids simply because they are easier to maintain and manage as well. When we talk about braids hairstyles, we only mean the kind of hairstyle one will get by having their hair strands twisted in a particular direction to achieve the desired look. Braids have been there since time memorial.

The difference between before and after is that now we can be able to braid different kinds of hairstyles within the shortest time possible. Once you get your braids, how to you ensure that you care for them adequately? The need to care for your braids is simply because you want them to last for as long as possible and still look beautiful.

Beautiful Braid 2017


Taking good care of your braids is just as essential as taking care of any other hairstyle out there. The following are some of the simple things that one can be able to do to ensure that their braids are well-taken care.


  1. The first thing that you want to do when you have braids hairstyles is always to moisturize then. Moistening your hair should be of importance to you just like oiling your body skin. You must select the right type of hair oil that is suitable for your scalp as well as your braids. Oiling the scalp can be done once a week while for the braids you can be able to do it on a daily basis. There is no need for you to moist the braids with too much oil; a little bit will just be enough. If you find it difficult to moisturize your hair using hair oil consistently, then you can get the braids spray which is a lot easier to use. All that you have to do is to spray your braids every morning, and they will be as good as new.

advantages of oiling hair


  1. Cleaning your braids is just as important as oiling them. It is true that when you oil your braids hairstyles then go out to do your daily activities; chances of dust accumulating in your head are very high. The dust mixed with the oil will soon turn into dirt thus forcing you to clean your hair. Select an appropriate type of shampoo & conditioner

that you always use. You want to wash your braids as gently as you possibly can. The reason for this is so as not to loosen them before their time is up.


  1. Always sleep in a soft head scarf. It is important to ensure that your braids hairstyles do not lose moisturize to the sheets and secondly so that they do not loosen up fast. Choose the kind of scarf that will stay on your head through out the night.



Best Choppy Hairstyles for Brunettes 2017


With the current economic crisis looming most of the brunettes are looking for brunette hairstyles that are easy and cheap to maintain but also give them a beautiful appearance. Most brunettes had layered haircuts, but in the current age, a lot of dark haired girls have choppy hairstyles which are not just modern but also edgy.


These choppy hairstyles are suitable for any length of hair and also the bets hairstyle when you are looking to change from one hair length to the other.


Since you are a brunette or dark haired, you have the perfect hair for choppy hairstyles. One of the benefits of having dark hair is that it has a natural shiny look when moisturized due to its dark effect as compared to blondes. With the choppy layers, your brunette hairstyle will turn more necks since the layers add the twist and drama. Some of the choppy hairstyles for dark haired girls are:


Short. Short choppy hairstyle with bangs that are uneven and different layers of separation and texture is very trendy and cool. This hairstyle can be styled as smooth or edgy and some color to suit your preference. A short choppy style with different layers of bang gives it more texture and volume; this style is beautiful especially when the hair near the neck is uneven and shaggy. To add a little twist to the hair for an evening look, use barrettes or pins to sweep up the hair.

Choppy hairstyles for Brunettes


Medium.  The medium choppy style is the modern version of the bob hairstyle, and it is ubiquitous among brunettes. Brunettes with medium hair should try this style since it has uneven ends that give your face a perfect frame plus it adds more drama as it offers you a messy look. This is a very easy to maintain brunette hairstyle and the best to wear in harsh economic times as you will be able to look nice by not digging so deep into your pocket.

Best Choppy Hairstyles for Brunettes 2017


Long. Brunettes with shoulder length or longer hair should try the long choppy hairstyle. The long can be cut at different angles to add more volume and texture plus giving it more movement. However, long hair requires more effort and styling cream to give it a choppy look. This choppy brunette hairstyle is easy to achieve, the styling cream dumps the hair, and after blow drying, it uses your fingers to create the different layers.

popular hairstyles for Brunettes



Before getting any choppy haircut it is recommended that you consider the texture of your hair, this is because it does not work well for all hair textures. A choppy haircut is suitable for straight hair since it is expensive to straighten curly or wavy hair daily to maintain the choppy haircut.

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