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Best Summer Haircuts for Boys in Hot Regions

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May 4, 2016
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Best Summer Haircuts for Boys in Hot Regions

An excellent haircut is not the one which only looks good, but it should also be convenient. Adults can afford to get the slightly inconvenient style for the sake of fashion, professionalism, and style but kids should not go to this lane. You must give those haircuts for boys in which they feel comfortable. All kids are innocent, and you can see their innocence on their face, so there is no need to cross limits in order to make them extra stylish. Hairstyle of young boys also plays a significant role in their health and mood. For instance, extra long hair during summer season can cause frustration in boys. Their body is not built to carry long hair. In a hot region where the temperature can go beyond 40-degree centigrade or 110 Fahrenheit, the situation becomes more adverse.

Shaved Heads

haircuts for boysIn some Asian and African country, they shaved the head of young boys during summer so that their head can get fresh air directly but this style also has demerits. When hot air directly touches the skin of the head, it boils the brain and can cause bleeding from the nose. If your remain in the home after noon time then you can go for the shaved head but he love the play on streets, and it is not possible for you to stop him then it will be better if you don’t shave his head. In western countries, this trend is not very popular. You will see very few kids with bald heads.  However, it is a good option for you because you can easily shave the head of you boys at home but technically shaving the head does not come in the category of hair styling.




Soldier style


haircuts for boysThe most popular hairstyle in the entire world is arguably the soldier hairstyle. People of different regions have different names for this style, but the main theme is same. This style allows only a few centimeters long hair. You can even see the head skin of the person through the hair. This hairstyle got its name from the Army. Actually, army personals go through tough conditions, and long hair can create lots of troubles. Moreover, short hair easy to wash and it is easy to get this kind of haircutting. This style is in used by almost all armies of the world with slight modifications due to its extreme convenience.   Since the fashion industry has advanced a lot and people are taking fashion very seriously, therefore, this style has also been improvised. You can now get several style of soldier cutting. This haircut also works best for the boys in warm regions, especially during summer season. It also gives them the elegant look. A boy with hairstyle looks more disciplined, streamlined, and respectful. The styling of this hairstyle does not require any comb or gel. You can also go with this hairstyle if you want to set a good first impression on your new neighborhood. This style will keep your boys light and refresh during the whole summer season.


Mohawk Style

haircuts for boysThis style is for those people who can’t stay away from fashion and want their kids to have unique look irrespective of their geographical location and season. Mohawk style is one of the most popular hairstyles, especially in the Western world. Mohawk hairstyle is a very broad category which contains a large number of diverse style. The basic theme of this style is to have short hair on the sides and relatively big hair on the upper head area. The backside of the head can have both short and long hair depending on the style. Some people go totally bald from the sides and get 5 to 10 inches long hair in the central portion of the head. Of course, this style will not look good for a little kid, but you can go for the one which contains one or two inches long hair on the central portion of the head. Side hair can be few centimeters long just like the soldier haircut. For the styling, the boy will need to use gel otherwise central hair on the head will not remain at the right spot. You can dye the hair of your boys to create an extra touch of style. These haircuts for boys will work for them during the summer, but you must select the appropriate Mohawk style because some of the Mohawk styles look extremely odd, and it will not create a good impression for your parenting.

Plain & Classic

haircuts for boysYou must adore John Kennedy, if not because of his policies then because of his dressing and hairstyle. A simple hairstyle with average sized hair and properly managed borders is the one that worked for men and boys for decades. In several educational institutes and business organization, his style is considered as the most appropriate hairstyle. You can adjust the length of hair as per the climate of your area. If your region is too hot, then you must keep the length to one and a half or two inches. If the climate is not drastically hot, then you can go for three or even four inches long hair. For the styling, you will need both comb and gel. Gel will set the hair and comb with set the direction of the hair. Regarding styling this hairstyle is most demanding in the list. Some parents think this style is too graceful for kids, and they are right to some extent. You can always improvise to make a style look good on your kid.

All these haircuts for boys are a fine choice for any season, but they add the convenience factor during summer. It is important for you to select the right style for your boys. Some parents don’t give serious thoughts to the hairstyles of their kids, which is not good because a right hairstyle can increase their self-confidence and they will be able to perform well in their academic and social circles.

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